Olympus is for all

What I bring to the table

The End State

Some lessons I’ve learned

Incentivized behaviors need to be productive

Hard-coded constants are bad

Constant change becomes unproductive

Policy should be tight

Trust the Market

The Path Forward


  • Tunnel vision is bad, grinding too long becomes unproductive, take care of yourself
  • The vision I have for Olympus is f**king cool (at least imo)
  • Each piece of Olympus serves a need for a macro economy
  • We’ve learned a lot in the past few months
  • One of those things is we should lock in features/policy for a while
  • There’s still lots to build, but right now we should focus on partnerships and integrations
  • We should aim to become a primary asset to pool with for other projects
  • We can form strong mutually beneficial relationships doing that
  • Post about locked staking
  • Post about expansion plan



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